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Transloading Carts

When you need to transfer a shipment from one form of transportation to another, Carbis’ transloading carts provide portable access and fall prevention for rail and truck transloading. Constructed of durable steel, the transloading cart has steps with non-skid surfaces and hand railings on both sides for safety. It’s easy to move the cart to the desired location for quick set-up. Then, a fold-out ramp provides safe access to the hatch.

mobile transloading cart


  • mobile crude transfer cartTransportable from location to location as required
  • Ready to operate in hours
  • Designed, built, and factory tested
  • Custody transfer applications
  • Various pumping and metering options
  • Top and bottom loading/offloading applications
  • Single source responsibility for complete system
  • Start-up, commissioning, and proving services available
  • OSHA compliant fall prevention systems

Carbis specializes in transloading carts. All of our carts are OSHA compliant and can be configured to your specific requirements. Some of our options include pump and metering systems, loading arms, and hose handlers. All Carbis transloading carts can be designed with optional power drive systems. Safety on the job is key, and our portable transloading cart is designed and built to provide your facility with safe access to trucks and rail cars.

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Carbis’ transloading carts make the most of our experience and knowledge as an industry leader in fall prevention equipment and chemical loading. We have the experience needed to provide complete safety equipment packages that feature pumping systems and control integration.


static groundingStatic Grounding for Trucks and Rail Cars

Prevent deadly sparks while transloading flammable liquids and gases into vehicles.
Click for details on Grounding for Trucks;
Click for details on Grounding for Rail Cars


chemical transfer pumps and metersCoriolis Flow and Density Meters

From loop-powered to meter verification, extreme low flow to high flow rates, fiscal custody transfer to general process, count on Carbis Fluid Handling to provide for the best measurement solution for any process challenge.
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When you choose Carbis products, you can be certain that we take responsibility for all of our products and manufacture them using the highest quality standards. Carbis can provide startup, commissioning, and proving services when needed. All Carbis fall prevention systems comply with OSHA standards. So, contact us today at 1-800-823-0163 in the U.S. and (+1) 843-656-1318 for international calls to see how we can help your business.


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