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Off-Loading Equipment

Liquid Bulk Unloading & Transfer Systems

Are you in the transshipment business? Need an efficient way to unload and transfer your liquid bulk cargo? At Carbis Fluid Handling, we manufacturer the most dependable off-loading equipment in the industry to help you get your liquid shipments unloaded and transferred from one form of transportation to another – safely and securely.

Transloading Carts

Railroad and truck transloading often involves a wide assortment of off-loading equipment. Carbis specializes in transloading carts.
As the industry-leader in chemical unloading and loading, we understand just how important a role safety plays in the transloading business. In recognition of this, we make sure all of our off-loading carts are OSHA compliant and that you are given the choice of configuring them to meet your specific requirements. Some of the available options include:

  • Loading Arms
  • Hose Handlers
  • Pumping Systems
  • Metering Systems
  • Power Drive Systems

Get Safe & Reliable Off-Loading Equipment

Safety is key when dealing with potentially dangerous cargo. Over a 12 year span, hazardous materials released in railroad accidents resulted in a total of 14 fatalities. In that same amount of time, hazardous materials released in highway accidents resulted in a total of 16 fatalities.

When you need to transfer your liquid bulk shipment from one form of transportation to another, Carbis’ transloading carts offer you the safe and reliable off-loading solutions you are in search of.  In addition to being constructed of durable steel, our off-loading carts have steps with non-skid surfaces. They also have hand railings on both sides and are situated atop locking swivel casters to provide you easy access to trucks and rail cars.

At Carbis Fluid Handling, we offer our clients comprehensive off-loading safety equipment packages that include pumping systems and control integration. Contact us today for additional information about our safe and reliable off-loading equipment and find out for yourself why we are the nation’s top choice for chemical loading and unloading.

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