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Crude Oil Pumping Skids

If your company is ready to move from pumps to a complete packaged system that creates a smoother work process, give Carbis a call. A crude oil pumping skid with metering system can provide meticulous custody transfer. It is beneficial for both the seller and the buyer to know the exact amount of product being transferred. Skids will most often include a pump, motor, transmission, base plate, and sensors. It’s much easier to install a complete skid package than a lot of different parts and pieces. Plus, by the time you receive the new skid, everything is connected and tested. It’s ready for an easy install, saving time and money.

crude oil transfer transloading skids

At Carbis, we take time to listen to what our customers really need. Our systems are job specific, so the end product will be exactly what you require. Carbis uses the latest design and manufacturing technology to create cost-effective systems that are specific to your business.

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